THE DUE DATE IS 1.1.2019

The 2017 Florida Statutes Chapter 718
CONDOMINIUMS / Section 2, ch. 2017-188
Deadline for Compliance

By July 1, 2018, an association with 150 or more units which does not manage timeshare units
shall post digital copies of the documents specified in subparagraph 2 on its website.

Custom Responsive Web Design

Anyone can build you a website, but our team of professionals at Rank My Web delivers a highly functional, responsive site, keeping your community end goal in mind through every step of the project. Each level of your project is built from scratch and is embedded with security to protect your community’s private information.

Secure Homeowner Access

Full web security suite including best practices and custom usernames and passwords for every member of the community to keep information safe and secure while only allowing access to important documents, rules, regulations, and financial information needed by any particular member.

HOA Declarations and Bylaws

In this digital age, no association wants to have a lot of paperwork that is required by law to make available to homeowners without having a secure and easy way to share this information. Being able to upload documents to a secure website that only allows pre-approved individuals who need to see it access is key.

Phone/Email Customer Support

We are here for you and will provide customer support no matter what the issue is. Unlike some companies who require you to send them an email because they have no phone number and then days later claim they never received your email, we at Rank My Web pride ourselves on how quickly we resolve customer issues.
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User Management Made Easy

Our HOA websites feature an easy to use user management system designed to be user friendly and efficient. Community members ill enjoy access to things like posting items for sale, viewing photos of other members and discussing topics on the messaging board. The administrators have an easy time having all members in one place with the ability to send out bulk email notifications or individual notifications as needed. We like to keep it flexible. We can add or remove certain features from your website depending on your needs.

Why Every HOA Needs a Website

A well designed and easy to use website can help the residents of your association by making them feel like they are part of the community.

Far too often residents complain that they have no idea what is happening within their community and they do not know when meetings or planned construction or renovation work is coming up. They may not even know what day garbage is collected until they see their neighbors putting it out by the street. They may have questions regarding HOA dues and where and when to pay them. Maybe they want to know where their money is being spent. All of these issues are easily resolved with a community website. Residents will know where to go to find the information they need and will feel like they are part of something rather than just that guy at the end of the street. Its a great way to connect with neighbors and resolve issues among community members.

Board members will have a place to make announcements and bring up community issues. From a residents perspective they will be able to have their voice heard regarding a grievance from the comfort of their home. Its also a great way to let residents know their complaints are being heard and someone is doing something about them.

A community website isn’t all about complaints though. It also offers a valuable way for communities to save money. Printing newsletters, sending out packets, Rules, Bylaws, Declarations, Budgets, Financial reports, and so much more can now be stored in a convenient easy to access way secured by individual usernames and passwords. A community website provides information and details to residents and board members with a few simple clicks 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No longer does someone have to sit in an office from 9-5 Monday through Friday waiting for residents to drop in and residents no longer have to take time out of their busy day to talk to someone. Having a well built, functional website offers a convenience factor that is priceless. Having informed happy residents is worth even more, so if you are ready to help your community “CLICK HERE” to contact us today.

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